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A lady at my church.....

gave me $100 this past Sunday after the service. Bless her. She knows I'm struggling. She said God has been so good to her and she just wanted to help someone else out.
I hope she is OK. She also told me she was going to have some tests done soon. I need to call and find out how she is.

I wish I could help others out but right now my finances don't allow for it.

I am volunteering as much of my time as I can. That may have to be scaled back if I start this telemarketing job next week. I am hoping something else comes along before then but it's not looking good. The temp. services I'm signed up with just don't seem to have anything. I hate telemarketing but I'm running out of options. I have rent and bills to pay-including a huge hospital bill which will take me another 5 or more years to pay off.

Well enough of my ramblings. I hope I wasn't too much of a downer.
Thanks for reading.
Please stop by my journal sometime.
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